Custom radio stations in GTA SA, PS2!

Things you'll need: A blank DVD, a DVD burner, the stuff in this archive, audio converter software (lame.exe, foobar2000, dbpoweramp, etc.) and Imgburn + optionally isobuster.

1. Copy everything from your GTA SA disc onto your desktop, or some other easy directory. (With windows explorer, or xcopy /E)

2. Extract the 7zip archive somewhere, and to that folder copy TRAKLKUP.DAT and the following .PAK files from where you extracted the game disc.

3. Into the mix with the .PAK files, copy .BAT files of the radio stations you wish to change, from "Radio station finisher batch" folder.

4. Now choose the station you want to edit, and open up that station's .BAT in notepad. See how many songs that station holds and close notepad. Now get your songs and convert them into PCM WAV. After conversion rename them as song1.wav, song2.wav ... song11.wav and so on.

5. Open Streams_PAK.exe, choose TRAKLKUP.DAT as the table file, and choose your radios station's PAK as the big file. Press extract lba and next press extract big file. Don't close the window but minimize it.

6. Now run the correct .BAT file for your station. For each song a pop up "Wait MFaudio to finish and press OK" will appear. Wait FMaudio to close and press ok. Repeat.

7. Now open Streams_PAK.exe again and press rebuild big file and then rebuild LBA.

8. Now you will have 2 files, NEW-XX.PAK and NEW-TRAKLKUP.DAT.

9. Remove the old ones and remove NEW- from the filenames.

10. Now if you want to edit all the stations, do 4-9 again. Remember to delete the old TRAKLKUP.DAT every time! Or this soon to become irritading work will be for nothing...

11. Now that you have your new radiostation .PAKs and the renamed TRAKLKUP.DAT, go to the folder where you extracted your game, and replace the old stations and TRAKLKUP.DAT with the new ones.

11. If you know how to burn the game files in their original order, by all means do that, it speeds up terrain loading times in older consoles. Note that you can't just replace the original files in an .ISO with the new ones, because the filesizes don't match. But Sony CD/DVD gen + iml2iso, or Gnie's eXpert will do the trick! Or just use OPL and not use the laser at all :)

12. Open up imgburn and choose Write files/folders to disc. On the lables tab, write SAN_ANDREAS into ISO9660 and UDF sections, and into System & application fields PLAYSTATION. Make sure the File system is ISO9660 + UDF 1.02 and use MODE1 if you can choose.

13. Drag everything from the GTA folder into the list of files to be burned. Then click on the big burn button and follow along instructions.

(If you are using ESR, choose "Create image from files/folders", patch the image, and then burn)